After many days of anarchy, the revolter’s have been subdued by our new freemium currency. Whilst they’ve been busy searching for whales and digesting The Curve, we’ve had chance to implement our subterfuge and install our new government.

We’re very proud to announce that Super Punk Games is now a Despotic State.

Martial Law is in place and corruption is at an all time high.

After a series of painful sports bouts Steve was declared Supreme Leader rather than Rik due to his higher dexterity roll at birth. Rik has vowed to appeal the decision based on factless substantiated data

Rik mentioned “I think this new freemium currency has a high probability of failure given social-economics only seem to work at a large scale Supreme Overlord Steve”

Steve the Magnificent ended the subverter’s conversation with a rather brilliant retort: “Are you trying to seem clever?”

The population is currently rejoicing at the news and expect to be able to get back to work just as soon as they can get the damn cat out of the tree again.


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