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Super Punk Games

Just Deal With It
The Last Leviathan

Suite 6, Heathcote Buildings
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Super Punk Games is an award winning, independent game studio who pride themselves on original and awe-inspiring games on console, PC and mobile. We use our passion for strategy, creativity and skill to create and publish our own IP and equally partner with publishers and game studios alike to help them bring their games to life. We are developing multiple games, including our first title ‘The Last Leviathan‘ which we are loosely describing as an evocative voyage of creativity, discovery and terror. It’s on steam early access right now! We’ve also just launched Just Deal With It!™ on PS4™ with PlayLink™ which delivers a whole new twist on five classic card games wrapped up in a joyous card game party.



Super Punk Games started life as AppCrowd Ltd and was founded by former Monumental Games Ltd CEO, Rik Alexander. AppCrowd successfully produced games for Activision, Marmalade and Hasbro with titles such as Blur Overdrive, RISK and SCRABBLE for mobile and large, multi-touch touch screen devices. More recently, AppCrowd has provided support for Dovetail Games in publishing Microsoft's Flight Simulator on Valve's Steam platform and provided multiplayer and console support for Payload with their brilliant creative title TerraTech. Steve Bennett joined Rik on the board as COO and Creative Director in December 2014 as together they had a vision for the company which involved starting to create their own, original games. Over the last couple of years Super Punk Games have bought that dream to life by releasing “The Last Leviathan” into Steam Early Access and Just Deal With It! onto PlayStation 4 in November 2018.



The Last Leviathan Greenlight Trailer YouTube

Just Deal With It!™ - EU Launch Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "WINNER - Best Desktop / Downloadable" - Game Connection Development Wards 2017
  • "NOMINEE - Best Casual Game" - Game Connection Development Wards 2017
  • "Pocket Gamer Bronze Award" - Blur Overdrive, November 2013
  • "The 'big pat on the back for a job well done' award" - The future.

Selected Articles

  • "The Last Leviathan is one of the more ambitious Steam Greenlight games I’ve seen."
    - Nathan Grayson, Kotaku Steamed
  • "It’s a hull lotta fun, and a ferry good game..."
    - Nathan Hunter, GameGrin
  • "...I seem to have sort of crash landed on a beach."
    - Philippa Warr, RockPaperShotgun
  • "God I ****ing love this game, guess what I’m going to be playing tonight"
    - Simon Lane, Yogscast

The Last Leviathan - IndieDB
Check out TLL on IndieDB indiedb.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Rik Alexander
Game Director & CEO

Steve Bennett
Creative Director & COO

Stephen Hey
Marketing Director

Mark Fitt
Lead Software Engineer

Rocco Loscalzo
Lead Software Engineer

David Escalona
Software Engineer

Chris Gilkes
Software Engineer

James Woollard
Senior Software Engineer

Andrew Copland
Software Engineer

Oleg Fischer
Software Engineer

Kev Connolly
Head of Creative Media

Pablo Santana
Lead Artist

Marc Stewart
Senior Artist

Stephen Dalzell
Environment and Technical Artist

Kuba Bogaczyński
UI Artist

Guy Cockcroft
Sound Design

Sally Woollard
Lead QA

Doug Loscalzo
Community Manager / QA

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